Hollywood Heritage Champion YUMA and one half of the Hollywood Heritage Tag Team Champions Joey Ryan of Vermin kicked off this week\’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood with an interview with Grant Baciocco and revealed that the contract for the night\’s main event CWFH TV Title match against champion Scorpio Sky didn\’t specify which member of Vermin would get the title shot! Since Kevin Martenson was the lone member of Vermin to not currently have a title, YUMA decided he would get the shot for the TV title in the main event!

In a battle between arguably two of the most gifted athletes in all of professional wrestling, Scorpio and Martenson battled back and forth in a main event that will be talked about for months. Without Christian Cole in his corner, Scorpio had to deal with Vermin alone and was almost put away by a brain buster after fending off interference from the Hollywood Heritage Champion YUMA. After showing the heart of champion to fight through it, Martenson used the help of the middle rope to score a three count and capture the CWFH Television Title.

With Vermin now controlling all the titles, what\’s next for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood?!

To watch this episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, head to http://www.patreon.com/UnitedWrestling.

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