Even more action! Women’s Wrestling Returns to CWFH! Erik Watts will be in action as well!

In addition to every championship being defended…

In addition to the huge clash between CWFH’s roster and Vermin…

And in addition to a gigantic two-out-of-three-falls match between two giants…

There’s more!

  • CWFH is proud to feature women wrestlers in active competition for the first time in years. Will this be the start of a Women’s Division? Kamora will take on Ashley Grace in this inaugural bout!


  • Eric Watts’ ever-cryptic manager, Ty Matthews, has informed CWFH that he and Watts are bringing their “Hyperoptimism” to Coastline Clash. But what exactly will that mean?

This action takes place at the 1st annual Coastline Clash! Don’t miss it!

To learn more about the other matches on the card of CWFH’s newest blockbuster event, click here!


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