Hollywood Heritage Championship Match
“Pretty” Peter Avalon (c) vs. Sasha Darevko (special guest ref Scorpio Sky)

Sasha Darevko wanted the champion’s attention, so he snuck up from behind and bludgeoned him with a chain. Then the Russian wanted Peter Avalon’s belt, so he snuck off, stole it and ran off.

When Darevko and the belt resurfaced, both were under the protection of an imposing bodyguard, whose name we’ve never learned. But Darevko and his stone-faced associate have proven to be too much for Avalon at seemingly every turn. And they\’re still in possession of the Hollywood Heritage Championship – despite never having won it!


Now, Avalon is faced with the grim conclusion that he’s stepping into the ring against an opponent he hasn’t been able to defeat in weeks. If he can’t win, PPA won’t have to worry about that belt anymore – it won’t be his anyway.

Darevko\’s underhanded tactics have involved bullying to such a severe degree that senior CWFH official Nick Bonnano has refused to sanction an official for their encounter. Thankfully, one won\’t be needed as Nicolas Marquez has brought former champion Scorpio Sky back to Hollywood to serve as Special Guest Referee!

Will Sky be impartial? Can PPA reclaim what is rightfully his? Or will the gold and the glory follow Darevko back to Moscow?

For more on this feud, see this article from HollywoodWrestling.com!

Watch below: Avalon attempts to reclaim his title belt, but runs afoul of Darevko and his associate.


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