Two-Out-of-Three Falls Match
Eli Drake vs. Big Duke

What happens when two equally  big, angry, proud and tough wrestlers can’t seem to gain a decided advantage over one another? You put them in a match as big as their feud.

For months, dating back to the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup, Big Duke and Eli Drake have been trading blink-and-you-missed-it pinfall victories with one another. Just when it seems like Drake has dispelled Big Duke, Duke comes roaring back. And just when it seems like Duke has finally claimed the decisive advantage, he finds himself on his back reading from the Book of Eli. No match seemed to decide a victor in this rivalry.


When matches can’t decide a winner, a series is necessary. After weeks of standing on a dime and trading victories, at Coastline Clash one man will walk away the decisive and unchallenged winner.


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