Television Championship Match
“Main Event” James Morgan (c) issues an OPEN Challenge

It had been a great few months for James Morgan. His victory in the Summer Classic brought him pride – for winning the tournament. It brought him fortune – in the form of a $10,000 check. And it brought him gold – in the form of the Television Championship.


Morgan quickly established himself as a fighting champion and, for months, he’s been besting all comers and retaining his gold. But, a few weeks ago, Morgan’s winning streak seemingly came to an end when he lost something very important – his manager and ally, Stu Stone. Stone was brutally assaulted by The Cirque du Monsters (Bateman and Jarek 1:20). His injuries are reportedly serious enough that he is never expected to return to CWFH – literally bludgeoned into an early retirement.

Undaunted, Morgan announced just days before Coastline Clash that he would walk into Port Hueneme and face any comer – issuing an open challenge. With his manger no longer by his side, and the advantage of preparation forfeited, is Morgan lowering his guard too far?

Previous Open Door challengers in CWFH have included Samoa Joe, Bryan Myers, X-Pac & AJ Styles. Be there live to see who answers the challenge!

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