Tag Team Championship Match
Cold Cold World (c) vs. The Friendship Express

Week after week poor Jervis Cottonbelly searched for a partner who he could trust. And week after week poor Jervis Cottonbelly was left abandoned, outnumbered and frightfully incapable of clinching a tag team victory.


But then Hobo rode the rails back into CWFH and became Jervis’ partner on the newly-christened “Friendship Express”! Since that day the Boxcar Superstar and the purveyor of “Gentlemania” have collected impressive victories over Vermin and The Classic Connection which have moved them into the Number One Contenders spot.


But that train puts them on a collision course with the Ice Age of the seemingly-unstoppable Cold Cold World and their manager, Caesar. Jervis and Hobo are definitely friends, but are they a strong enough team to overcome Will Rood & Damien Grundy? Or will The Friendship Express be just another team that can’t survive 30 Below? Find out at Coastline Clash!


To learn more about the other matches on the card of CWFH’s newest blockbuster event, click here!


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