Team CWFH (JR Kratos, RENO Scum and Timothy Thatcher & Drew Gulak)
Team Vermin (Johnny Yuma, Bad Dude Tito, Ryan Taylor, Kevin Martenson and Joey Ryan)

“Vermin Running Rampant and Causing Trouble in CWFH” is not really the earth-shattering headline it may have been two years ago, but that only underscores how long the faction has stood strong.

The aptly-named faction continues to infest CWFH despite the best efforts of both the Marquez family and their loyal roster. When their leader Johnny Yuma was knocked out with injury, a newly-intensified Bad Dude Tito immediately returned to their ranks to lead a vicious battle against CWFH and immediately drawing the attention of JR Kratos.


Tito used typical Vermin strength-in-numbers tactics to torment the War Machine for weeks before finally agreeing to step into the ring with Kratos. A thrilling main event between the two was interrupted by the shocking return of Johnny Yuma, who immediately attacked Kratos with a lead pipe.


So shocking was Yuma’s return, that it seemed to catch Tito, himself, off guard – as the Bad Dude seemed to feel he had the War Machine beaten on his own. Yuma insists, though, that Vermin is stronger than ever. It’s hard to argue with him when you consider that Yuma, Tito, Ryan Tayor, Kevin Martenson and Joey Ryan will all be in action for Team Vermin.


But the argument across the ring is equally as strong. JR Kratos takes up the mantle of Team Captain for Team CWFH and he’s drafted RENO SCUM and the newly-returned team of Timothy Thatcher & Drew Gulak to his team. The battles between Tito/Kratos and Vermin/CWFH (and possibly even Tito/Yuma) all spill into an all-out war at Coastline Clash!


To learn more about the other matches on the card of CWFH’s newest blockbuster event, click here!

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