GET READY FOR RCR: Fatal Four Way for the United Tag Team Championships
Tag team champions – “The Friendship Express”) will take on three teams of challengers



  • Both Jervis and Hobo have often benefited from being underestimated due to their…”non-conventional” approach to the squared circle. So it should come as no surprise that tag teams in CWFH began to smell blood in the water the second the gold went home with The Friendship Express.
  • None moreso than The Classic Connection. Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro have jumped the Friendship Express every chance they have had. When the champions were at ringside to inquire upon the health of an injured fellow wrestler, the duo savagely struck there as well.
  • Los Primos Rivera have returned to action and returned to their roles as CWFH’s favorite instigators. Danny & Gino are winning matches and angering everyone from the ring announcer to the fan in the back row along the way.
  • PAC-3 (the team of Dicky Mayer, Dan Joseph and Troy McGuire – led by Coach Flexo) has seem like a team reborn since Coastline Clash and Flexo has made it clear – they’re after the gold.


  • Gold begets Gold – Every challenger has never won gold of any kind at CWFH. The champions, themselves, are just a few short weeks into their first reign. A large number of tag team champions have gone onto singles gold at CWFH. Every competitor will be fighting for his partner AND for himself.


  • Vengeance – The Classic Connection has terrorized the champions for weeks. The last time The Friendship Express got their tormentors in the ring, they lost. Will their focus on vengeance take their focus off the match?
  • Coach Flexo – The whistle-blowing, rule-inventing, sport-swapping leader of the PAC-3 is notorious for attempting to ‘substitute’ his members mid-match, throwing challenge flags to stop the action and writing plays on his clipboard to make adjustments. Don’t be surprised if Coach is saving his best play for the biggest game.


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