Bateman\’s United Television Championship vs. James \”Main Event\” Morgan’s Career


  • Bateman set his sights on Morgan months ago. He started by breaking the neck of Morgan’s manager, Stu Stone. Stone was never heard from again.
  • Bateman told Morgan that he wouldn’t stop coming at him until he got the “Old” James Morgan – the ruthless competitor who stopped at nothing.
  • Good on his word, Bateman and Jarek cheated Morgan of his title and then, cheated him again during the rematch – leaving him unable to reclaim the belt.
  • Incensed, Morgan instigated brutal assaults on Jarek. Bateman rejoiced in getting the “Old” James Morgan back and offered him another title shot…but only if he was willing to put his storied career on the line.




  • Everything – James Morgan’s entire career is on the line. Morgan has called himself “The Main Event” for years, but he’s walked the walk. He’s won tournaments, he’s won titles, he’s won grudge matches and he’s won the adulation of his fans. But if he fails to win on Sunday, he will have already won for the final time.
  • Bateman’s Credibility – Everything Bateman has said he would do, he has done. He took Morgan’s manager, he stole Morgan’s title and he ripped down Morgan’s self-control in unleashing the “Old” James Morgan. If he then fails to finish what he started, how does he inspire fear going forwards. Conversely, if he succeeds, does Bateman become the most dangerous force in Hollywood?


  • Jarek 1:20 – The man Bateman has described the way most men would describe a blunt weapon will be present at ringside for sure. Jarek has played a pivotal role in all of Bateman\’s victories over Morgan. But, in securing the match, Morgan revealed that Jarek can be a vulnerability for Bateman as well. Unless, of course, Morgan did exactly what Bateman expected he would… Keep your eye on Jarek, he will almost assuredly influence the result.
  • The “Old” James Morgan – The man who would do anything to win showed up the other night. If he shows up at the Red Carpet Rumble he will likely win the match. But will Bateman have won anyway?

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