#RCR16 – Hammerstone v. Bad Dude Tito – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
Vermin’s enforcer, Bad Dude Tito, will meet CWFH newcomer Hammerstone in singles action.


  • Since returning to CWFH, Bad Dude Tito has yet to be pinned in singles competition. His dominance is fueled by his contempt for everyone including (at times) his brethren in Vermin.
  • Recently, Tito began mocking the management of CWFH by begging for stronger competition. Their response was the acquisition of Hammerstone, who has strung together a win streak of his own.
  • Each week both men seem to defeat their opponents to send louder and louder messages to each other.




  • PRIDE. When this match is over a better man will be determined. This is a good old-fashioned grudge match.




  • Vermin – Could Tito’s Vermin running mates make an appearance? They have long dubbed themselves “The Enemy” of CWFH and, with one of their own set to take on a premiere CWFH signing, the stage seems set for a Vermin strike. But, at least in-public, Tito has been becoming increasingly annoyed by their presence. Vermin has fooled CWFH with this tactic for years; however. Are they truly splintering, or is it just another Vermin trick?
  • “The Newcomers Advantage” – Tito has fought in Hollywood for years. There are hours of footage of his matches for his opponent to scout. Hammerstone, a relative newcomer, may still have some tricks up his sleeve that Tito hasn’t seen.
  • Any Mistake Whatsoever – With two blue-chip opponents so evenly matched, the first mistake could be the ONLY mistake and could make all the difference.


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