GETTING READY FOR RCR: The Red Carpet Rumble Match
The match that gave the show its name is known for giving CWFH its direction.



  • The Rumble is a 30-man, over-the-top-rop battle royale
  • 2 men start, a new one joins every 90 seconds
  • The Rumble is open-door. Any pro wrestler on the planet could walk through that curtain and into that ring.
  • Past participants include AJ Styles, X-Pac, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and countless others



  • The Prize: The winner is named number one contender for CWFH’s most valued championship – the Hollywood Heritage Championship. The reigning champion, “Pretty” Peter Avalon won his title shot at last year’s Rumble.


  • Vermin – Things have been rocky in the world of Vermin and the Rumble is every-man-for-himself. But, that doesn’t change the fact that having any alliances whatsoever can only help you survive just a little bit longer in a match like this.
  • Sasha Darevko – The Russian SuperTsar made a compelling case for himself by winning a similar match during a recent television episode. If Darevko can repeat his performance, he’ll be back in the championship picture instantly.
  • DJ Hyde – The Lariat God is undefeated since his arrival in Hollywood. Most of his matches haven’t even been close. With size and anger on his side and a finisher that can effectively eliminate anyone in a match like this, he has to be considered one of, if not THE, favorite.
  • Kratos – Kratos is quietly putting together an MVP season in 2016. With victories over nearly every member of Vermin and having led Team CWFH to victory at Coastline Clash, Kratos’ dominance could get a lot louder in the Rumble.
  • Big Duke – After finally conquering Eli Drake at Coastline Clash, Big Duke has set his sights on gold and enjoyed victory after victory. If he wants gold, his path gets a lot shorter by winning the rumble.
  • Mike Camden – Camden is a long-shot, but he recently captured his first win and, to put it lightly, stranger things have happened. Could Camden have finally gotten hot at just the right time?
  • The Unexpected – There\’s always a few surprises at the Rumble. Could we see a fresh new face? Could an old friend return? Could it be possible that CWFH has yet to see the face of the eventual winner? Yes, yes and yes again. Anything can happen!

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