#RCR16 – Scorpio Sky v. \”Pretty\” Peter Avalon for the Hollywood Heritage Championship – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
The biggest prize in Hollywood is on the line in singles competition.



  • Scorpio Sky is a proud former Hollywood Heritage Champion who recently returned to CWFH after nearly a year’s absence to referee Avalon’s match against Sasha Darevko
  • Sky made no challenges or claims to be seeking a title shot, but he behaved like a man who intends to steal another man’s girlfriend. He stayed close, but made no move and he let Avalon crack on his own.
  • They finally met for a non-title match, during which Sky struck Avalon with a high-knee, knocking the champion out of competition with a concussion for weeks (he returns to action at RCR).
  • From the bench, Avalon took matters into his own hands and challenged Sky, putting the title on the line.



  • Legacy. Sky feels like his story at CWFH isn’t finished and that Avalon is a ‘placeholder’ champion. Avalon feels as though this is his time and his era and that Sky’s story ended when he walked away from the company Avalon has carried in his absence.
  • Vindication. Is Avalon just a placeholder champion? Are Sky’s best days behind him? Before the sun comes up on July 11 the world will know those answers.




  • Avalon’s Health – Avalon declared early into his concussion recovery that he’d be ready to go by the RCR and he has been cleared to compete. But there’s a difference between being healthy enough to compete and being healthy enough to win. Will Avalon be ready?
  • Sky’s Knees – During Sky’s time away from CWFH, he took his fighting spirit into the world of MMA. Now that he’s back, he’s brought that lethal striking ability with him. It took one knee to knock Avalon out for over a month. What would another do?

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