#RCR16: Timothy Thatcher v. Drew Gulak – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
In an unprecedented SPECIAL ATTRACITON match, Timothy Thatcher will square off against his long-time (and current) tag team partner, Drew Gulak.


  • Thatcher & Gulak have been one of CWFH’s most successful tag teams of all time.
  • Both have launched successful singles careers; however, their bond remains strong.
  • The chance to test their mettle against one another seemed like a special treat



  • Bragging Rights. The only thing that Thatcher and Gulak care about more than each other is wrestling itself. Their brotherly relationship will likely survive this legendary encounter, but whomever wins probably will get first dibs on riding shotgun as their travels continue.



  • A Show – Just because they don’t hate each other doesn’t mean they won’t wrestle each other with every ounce of energy they have. These are two of the premier cruiserweights in the world and they know each others’ styles inside and out. The stage is set for an epic display of talent and one-upsmanship.
  • THAT Moment – With all that said, if one punch lands too low or if one ego proves softer than the other, these are the moments where bonds once thought unbreakable come apart. We’ve seen families crumble inside the ring before, Thatcher and Gulak will face the same risks.

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