The Lariat War

“The Lariat God” DJ Hyde vs. Big Duke



  • Big Duke had been on quite the roll – he had vanquished Eli Drake after an epic months-long feud. Drake hasn’t been since.
  • DJ Hyde, a mainstay of the ultra-violent Combat Zone wrestling in PA made his debut and began making short work of his opponents, going on a roll of his own.
  • Hyde, the self-proclaimed “Lariat God” declared Duke a “False God” given that Duke’s “Killshot” lariat resembled his own.
  • Duke eliminated DJ from the Red Carpet Rumble.
  • DJ eliminated Duke from CWFH altogether, administering a savage beating that left DJ suspended and Duke hospitalized.


  • Pure hatred. – A timeless grudge match between two guys who were born to hate each other, born to fight each other, born to destroy each other. In a million different universes on a million different timelines, DJ Hyde and Big Duke are fighting to their last breath in every single one of them.


  • Violence – DJ’s reputation followed him west. Once a guy learns to survive a death match, that guy learns how to make every match a death match. Duke has stepped up his aggression match DJ’s, but will it be enough?
  • The Referee – Neither man has an ally. Neither man has a friend. Neither man has a title. Neither man has anything to lose. It is impossible to conceive of a scenario where the official will have an easy time containing this contest to the regulations of standard competition.

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