United Tag Team Championship Match


The Classic Connection vs. The Friendship Express (c)
(Levi Shaprio & Buddy Royal  vs. Jervis Cottonbelly & The Hobo)



  • For months, Jervis and Hobo have had a rough time with The Classic Connection. Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro have jumped the Friendship Express every chance they have had. When the champions were at ringside to inquire upon the health of an injured fellow wrestler, the duo savagely struck there as well.
  • At Red Carpet Rumble, the odds were stacked against the champions in a Fatal Four Way, but they managed to pin The PAC-3 to retain and escape with their titles.
  • The Classic Connection contended that, since they were not pinned themselves, they still haven’t received their fair shot at the belts. That shot comes at Milestone.


  • Guts, Gold and Glory – The Classic Connection has terrorized the champions for weeks. The Friendship Express held on to their titles without pinning Classic Connection. Something’s gotta give.


  • Cruelty – The Classic Connection have turned over a new, vicious and (appropriately) old-fashioned leaf in their torment of the champions. Their contempt for Hobo and Jervis could be their edge, but could it also distract them?
  • Flying Bunny Rabbits?? – Jervis has long been known for his fear of the top rope – a fear he conquered to retain the belts at Red Carpet Rumble. With this added element to their arsenal, have The Friendship Express put the belts out of reach for the locker room?

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