CWFH Originals vs. CWFH New Blood – 8-man Tag Team Match

Ricky Mandel, Ryan Taylor, Sasha Darevko and Eric Watts vs.
Suede Thompson, Julius Coleman, JR Kratos and Espiritu

On CWFH’s birthday, some of it’s oldest stalwarts and youngest stars will battle for the Hollywood spotlight.


  • The Originals are a once-in-a-lifetime collection of CWFH mainstays. Between them there are Hollywood Heritage Champions, Tag Team champions, Television championships, Percy Pringle III Cup Winners and more.
  • The New Blood, while low on accolades, are strong in performance, victories and potential – they represent the hungriest of the new talent infusion led by Nikko Marquez.


  • One side has been on top since the beginning. For the other side, this IS the beginning. Who will be on top at the end?


  • Dirty Tricks – The Originals boast some of the dirtiest players in CWFH history – from Darevko’s Russian Chain, Watts’ sinister manager Ty Matthews, Mandel’s obsession with victory and all the tricks Taylor picked up in Vermin over the years – the match hardly feels like a fair fight and it hasn’t even started yet.
  • “The Newcomers Advantage” – The advantage of being new is that you are quite hard to prepare for. Each member of the New Blood team has impressed in singles competition lately – can they make a statement in a match that is bound to elevate their status should they prevail?

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