Ryan Taylor is one of the most decorated wrestler in the history of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. He has won the Hollywood Heritage Championship. He has won the United Tag Team Championships. He has won the United Television Championship.He\’s even won the Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup before (though he was issued a rare defeat when he attempted to cash in \’Percy’s Privilege\’).

What does this tell us about Ryan Taylor? It tells us that, when he can focus and execute – he can win ANYTHING. That’s the good news for Ryan Taylor.

The bad news for Ryan Taylor is that, these days, he seems to be very visibly struggling with his focus. Taylor may have taken the demise of Vermin hardest. Fans taunted the return of “Cryin’ Ryan\” as a devastated Taylor watched the group implode. Since that day, he has tried to become a more meditative, controlled wrestler and man.

But his balance is anything but zen, these days. His furious temper has found a target in Espiritu (with whom he qualified for this tournament at the December 4th TV taping). He enters this tournament with one eye on the prize and one eye on his hated rival. Can Taylor find his focus? 

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