When PAC-3 leader, Coach Flexo, drafted his boys and created the team – Dan Joseph met every qualification the Coach had. Joseph was an experienced veteran, bombastic with untapped potential, and (most importantly) he was a lifelong tag team wrestler.

Dicky Mayer is the blue-chipper of PAC-3. A well-drafted and well-scouted prospect with “can’t miss” written all over him. Like all young talents, he’s single-handedly won PAC-3 some very important matches on talent alone, including a win over the team of Drew Gulak and Timothy Thatcher. But, also like all young talents, he’s single-handedly lost PAC-3 some very important matches on inexperience alone.

PAC-3 is a team. They function, much like the legendary Fabulous Freebirds, as a rotating bench of two-man tag teams. It was fitting that (through random draw) – Joseph and Mayer got to qualify for the tournament together at our December 4th TV taping. You can rest assured that Coach Flex and new Red Shirt Freshman, Dylan Bostic will be in both corners each time they compete as well.

The Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup is a single’s competition, however. This means that Joseph and Mayer could find themselves matched up against one another. Will PAC-3’s strength in numbers lead the PP3 Cup to Coach Flexo’s trophy case (and an almost certain United Tag Team Championship challenge)? Or will, to borrow an axiom from football, will we learn that \”If you have two PP3 competitors, you have zero PP3 competitors\”?

Be there for the 5th Annual Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup on Sunday January 15th at the Oceanview Pavilion in Pt. Hueneme! More details on this FREE event at http://www.hollywoodwrestling.com/event/11517

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