Two years ago, Yuma won the Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup – and that was a dark day in Hollywood. Yuma’s victory heralded the rise of the age of Vermin. As Vermin’s unquestioned leader, his victory set a tone that ultimately led to all of the gold in Hollywood being seized by the banes of the Marquez family’s existence.

Yuma, himself, took home the big prize. He used \’Percy’s Privilege\’ exactly the way everyone expected he would. He surprised a beaten and unsuspecting Hobo to take the Hollywood Heritage Championship.

These days, Vermin is gone. Yuma is alone. And there is something… different about him. He has shown a reluctance to cheat and a desire to make a change… though he hasn’t quite figured out how or what. The violent and sadistic streak is still there, though. Just ask Jarek 1:20 who mistakenly thought the new Yuma was a ripe target and got destroyed in a non-sanctioned contest that saw Yuma stop at nothing to punish his opponent.

Yuma’s search for what comes next will become a lot more focused if he has a short-cut to gold in his hands, and he knows that. Maybe making him the most dangerous person in this tournament.

Be there for the 5th Annual Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup on Sunday January 15th at the Oceanview Pavilion in Pt. Hueneme! More details on this FREE event at

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