The big free agent and first key acquisition in Nikko Marquez’s \’Lucha Movement\’, Espiritu has quickly racked up an impressive record in both Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Championship Wrestling from Arizona. But, he has flown under the radar throughout it all.

His amicable and exciting personality is reflected in his in-ring style. His fellow luchadores love him, the fans love him and Ryan Taylor…well…Ryan Taylor REALLY hates him. Espiritu somehow ran afoul of Taylor and the feud went nuclear almost instantaneously. Taylor has become obsessed with unmasking the luchador – a deep and personal offense/affront to all in the lucha libre community.

Like his hated rival, Espiritu will need to put his hatred aside and shift his focus to the prize that matters. If he can, Espiritu could be the sleeper pick that wins your office Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup pool this year.

Be there for the 5th Annual Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup on Sunday January 15th at the Oceanview Pavilion in Pt. Hueneme! More details on this FREE event at

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