Eric Watts has already won a PP3 Cup. Well….kind of. History will record Rocky Romero as the winner of the 2016 Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup; however, Watts’ manager Ty Matthews – the leader of the Hyperoptimism movement/cult – manipulated Romero into defending his right to the cup while injured. Watts made quick work of Romero, who already was in a sling when the match began.

The duo weren’t done. Perhaps no one in history has used \’Percy’s Privilege\’ to make a bigger impact than “Big Nasty” did. Just a few short weeks ago, Watts shocked the world by using the privilege to challenge both tag team champions at the same time – BY HIMSELF – and he won.

Watts is now the United Tag Team Champions (you read that right). Ty Matthews has already served notice that should he and Watts lay claim to the PP3 Cup again, their sights will be set squarely on the Hollywood Heritage Championship. That would consolidate two of CWFH\’s three sanctioned championships onto the waist of one man. Maybe Ty Matthews does really know how to “Be well.

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