Ray Rosas has had a tough year since returning to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Suffering a loss in a Number One Contender match and now facing challenges qualifying in the PP3 Cup Tournament have pushed Ray to question what’s been getting in his way.

“It’s one hundred percent Nikko Marquez and Peter Avalon,” barked a frustrated Rosas. It is hard to deny that The Office have been sticking their noses into Ray’s business. At the November 12 television event in Port Hueneme, CA, Ray Rosas had a challenge for “Professional” Peter Avalon and The Office.

“To me there’s only one way to end this,” says Rosas. “In a match that we’re both familiar with and we both know very well.” Championship Wrestling From Hollywood fans will know that Ray could only be referring to one match type: A Steel Cage! “Lock us in, lock them out, and we’ll settle it like men, Peter.”

See the full clip here:

Will Peter Avalon accept the challenge? Check back for updates from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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