Championship Wrestling From Hollywood officials have signed an opponent for Bad Dude Tito to face at our next blockbuster event, Milestone. On December 3rd, the Hollywood Heritage Champion will defend his title against Watts.
Watts earned a shot at Bad Dude Tito by defeating Suede Thompson, Ray Rosas, and Bateman in a Four-Way Number One Contender match on a recent episode of the program. Since the victory, Watts has made it clear to Tito that it is just a matter of time before the two men stand across the ring from one another. Bad Dude Tito has not faced an opponent as dominant as Watts since capturing the Hollywood Heritage Championship in June of this year. HollywoodWrestling.com reached out to Watt’s manager and Progenitor of Hyperoptimism Ty Matthews on what Tito should expect going into this match with the Number One Contender.
“Bad Dude Tito is by far the fiercest challenge that Hyperoptimism has ever faced, but this is a version of Watts that nobody has ever seen before. Not even me,” says Matthews. “Once Watts attains victory through power as only he can, I can only hope to contain him.”
Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 3rd to see this and many more huge matches as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!

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