The challenge was clear. Ray and Peter locked inside the cage, The Office locked out. Ray Rosas laid out the scenario at the November 12 Television Event in Port Hueneme, CA with the message to Peter Avalon, “Let’s settle this like men.”
HollywoodWrestling.com finally got a hold of “Professional” Peter Avalon to see if accepts Ray’s proposal. Peter appeared a bit off-kilter and was brief with us in his reply. “Ray Rosas…Ray Rosas…Ray Rosas…You’re On,” said an aloof Avalon. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Minority Owner and Match Maker Nikko Marquez confirmed that the paperwork had been drawn up and signed for the match to take place on December 3rd.
At Milestone it will be “Professional” Peter Avalon versus Ray Rosas in a Steel Cage Match. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 3rd as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!

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