“I’ll take on anybody that the NWA sanctions,” says the cool-headed Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Tim Storm. “As a World Champion, the fighting champion, there’s nobody that I won’t take on.” As Tim Storm gears up to return to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood this Sunday at Milestone, he is comfortable stepping into the ring with any opponent knowing that he will have the crowd on his side. With the resurgence of the National Wrestling Alliance and the popularity of the “Ten Pounds of Gold” video series, Tim Storm has more fans than ever before. But with prominence comes detractors, and the Champion is not immune to colleagues who don’t take kindly to his success.
Challenges to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship have kept Tim Storm a busy man in 2017. Recent challenger Jocephus hasn’t taken kindly to Storm leaving their bout with the Ten Pounds of Gold still in his clutch. Nick Aldis has been bellyaching about his loss to Storm since their title match on November 12, saying that the pin “shouldn’t have counted.” Both of these men have continued to follow the Champion, demanding a rematch among the mass of new challengers requesting title shots from the NWA. Stars like Tommy Dreamer have formally requested an opportunity at the Worlds Heavyweight Championship, as have Championship Wrestling From Hollywood alumni Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Joey Janela. Tim Storm has been transparent about his potential future opponents.
“I haven’t hidden from any challenger. I’m open to all competition,” says Storm amid a sea of title match requests. “I know what it was like for me to reach that mountaintop and I think that anybody that has that competitive nature to step up to the plate and take a shot, they deserve that right.”
Who will be following the man with the Ten Pounds of Gold to the Oceanview Pavilion? The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm will be in action on December 3rd as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone! You won’t want to miss out!


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