Tim Storm’s days as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion are numbered according to Nashville wrestling star Jocephus. This chain-swinging brawler is dissatisfied with the result of his last encounter with Tim Storm and will make his way to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on December 3rd to rectify what he considers a “great error.”
“Tim’s not a Champion. He’s a thief,” proclaims Jocephus with a scowl. A number of tactics employed by the Worlds Heavyweight Champion during their title bout on November 17 have gotten under the bearded bruiser’s skin. Jocephus is most irate over an eye rake that Storm seemingly executed on the challenger as referee Robert King called for a clean break in the corner. It was this maneuver that urged Jocephus to single out William Patrick Corgan at his private recording studio.
“He sees that Tim Storm got in the eye and that I deserve a rematch,” says Jocephus, taking comfort in whatever words were exchanged inside Corgan’s sound-proof recording booth. Here is a closer look at the situation, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:


If Jocephus is as unpredictable as he is persistent, this will be an event you’ll have to see live to believe. What will NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm do when Jocephus shows up at the Oceanview Pavilion on December 3rd? See for yourself as Championship Wrestling From Hollywood presents Milestone!

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