It’s PP3 Cup season on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Before the tournament kicks off in 2018, the participants must earn their way into the starting brackets. On this episode you’ll see two qualifying matches unfold. The team of Royce Isaacs and Devin Sparks takes on Falco and Lucas Riley to advance two competitors into the tournament. Later in the episode you’ll see a Four-Way Dance comprising of Brody King, Bateman, “Professional” Peter Avalon and Suede Thompson to secure the next spot in the PP3 Cup.
What sound could possibly match the sweet, heavenly voice of Howdy Price? Possibly only the whistle of Coach Flexo. The United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Championship will be on the line this week as The Rancheros challenge Pac 3 in what promises to be a noise-filled contest. How will these men control themselves?
The Hollywood Heritage Champion will be in action this week, getting in the ring with Ty Matthews. What motive could Matthews have for requesting this match against Bad Dude Tito just weeks before Tito takes on Ty’s confidant, Watts? Will this encounter spell gold for Hyperoptimism or will the master plan fade to black? Find out on this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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