We kick off this week’s program with a barn-burner of a PP3 qualifier as Julius Coleman takes on Ray Rosas. Coleman has been on a hot streak in the last few months on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, showing the fans that he can hang with anyone, including the man who keeps sticking his nose in Ray Rosas’ business, “Professional” Peter Avalon. Ray Rosas recently lost an opportunity for a Hollywood Heritage Championship match due to the involvement of Peter Avalon and The Office. Will this tag team veteran continue to have issues with one-on-one competition against Julius Coleman or will the PP3 be proving grounds for Ray Rosas as a singles star in Hollywood?
PP3 qualifying action continues as four competitors step into the ring for one spot in the tournament. First is fan favorite “Uptown” Andy Brown, who earned this opportunity by scoring victories in the fall of this year. Brown is joined by tag team wrestler Espiritu, who is separated from partner Astro Viajero in this Four Way Dance to show his abilities as an individual. Unfortunately for Brown and Espiritu, the remaining two men in this qualifier are Howdy Price’s Rancheros. Raul and Rogelio have made a tear through the entire Championship Wrestling From Hollywood roster since debuting this year, which spells bad news for the two other men between the ropes with them. Though entered into this match as individuals, one would think that the Rancheros would be working in tandem. What will this mean for all involved since only one man can qualify?
History will be made in our Main Event, as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship will be defended after a five-year absence in the company. Champion Tim Storm has demonstrated over the last several weeks that he’ll take on all comers and Nick Aldis will not be denied a title match. Aldis aims to use his stamina and youth to outlast Storm, who is over twenty years older than the challenger. The age gap could prove to be the difference maker for these men. With age comes experience and Tim Storm’s experience has shown to be just as effective as Aldis’ youth. How will the two match up as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm defends the “Ten Pounds of Gold” against Nick Aldis on this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood? Tune in and find out!

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