By R.O. Brown
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has seen a lot of new fresh faces in the last few months, but has also played host to a few returning stars. One of the more unique competitors, lovingly making his way through the ranks is none other than Las Vegas\’ resident yogi, Tomaste.
Tomaste first appeared on CWFH from 2012 to 2014, but never quite found his footing as Tommy Misfit. He spent the greater part of the last three years traveling abroad to discover the true value of meditation. Now that he’s found his center, Tomaste is returning to Hollywood with a purpose.
\”My goal in CWFH is to lead the United Wrestling Network closer to the true secret of our universe,” recites a calm Tomaste. When asked what that secret is, the Mindful Meditator replied peacefully, “Love.”
Tomaste, like so many others currently at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, has set his sights on capturing the PP3 Cup. To be the owner of the prestigious cup is an accolade that will skyrocket Tomaste\’s loving experience to the stars and fulfill his true purpose. This is just the first step of a process that, if Tomaste has his way, will leave CWFH and the entire United Wrestling Network, a little happier and a lot more loving.

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