Happy Holidays fans! Before we head into our Winter Blockbuster, Milestone, we’re going to take a look back at the year that led us to this monumental event. 2017 was a year of opportunity on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, and no opportunity is quite like the PP3 Cup. We’ll kick off this week’s episode by revisiting the finals of the PP3 Cup Tournament, pitting Dicky Mayer against Ryan Taylor. Will the young Mayer make a name for himself or will Ryan Taylor add the PP3 Cup to his list of accolades in Hollywood?
CWFH’s Summer Blockbuster The Red Carpet Rumble is always full of huge moments. The event itself is centered around the match that gave it its namesake. The Red Carpet Rumble match pits thirty of Hollywood’s top stars against one another in an every-man-for-himself scenario with the winner earning a future shot at the Hollywood Heritage Championship. On this episode, we’ll take a look back at the uphill battle that was the 2017 Red Carpet Rumble. No one had more of a hill to climb than entrant number one: Bateman.
One of the most unique bouts of 2017 is on display this week as the United Wrestling Network sanctioned a CZW Wired Championship match between YUMA and champion Joey Janela. This first-time ever encounter brought elements of the Combat Zone into Hollywood in ways never before seen by our audience. Will YUMA score an upset over the “Bad Boy” or will Joey Janela stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the Wired Title still around his waist? Tune in for this and much more as we look back at 2017 on this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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