By R.O. Brown
Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has played host to many decorated competitors in the past. Countless names and faces have used it as a platform to launch themselves onto the national and international stage. It is with this in mind that Kevin Condron and his Social Media Manager, Thomas, have joined the ranks here in Hollywood. Kevin is no stranger to the squared circle, having competed against a number of the best professional wrestlers in the world at some of the most elite promotions in the United Wrestling Network. But no United company boasts the national television audience that Championship Wrestling From Hollywood does, and Condron wants a piece of that spotlight.
“I want fame. I want glory. I want every mother, father & child in America to look upon my face and realize that truth is also beautiful. The only place for me to ascend to greatness doing it my way is Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.”
When asked by who Kevin has his sights set on at the moment he replied with only one name, “I am most eager to do battle with Peter Avalon. After he and I had a physical confrontation at Championship Wrestling from Arizona, I have not been able to release my resentment towards him.” The Vaping Wonder clearly has some issues to work out with the “Biggest Man in Professional Wrestling,” who happens to be the longest reigning Hollywood Heritage Champion in CWFH history.
Aside from “Professional” Peter Avalon, Condron has stated that he will continue to climb the ranks of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood until his accolades include not only the Hollywood Heritage Championship but the good ol’ “Ten Pounds of Gold” itself, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. The first step in this process is none other than the PP3 Cup Tournament. Condron, who was last seen “casting a spell” on the annual tournament, intends to use the prestigious cup to elevate his status at CWFH by challenging for any title he chooses within the United Wrestling Network. With Thomas in tow, a vape in his back pocket, and a lust for glory in his eyes, you can bet on Kevin Condron being quite the contender in the Percival Pringle III Memorial Tournament come January.

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