By Weston Browning
There\’s confidence, and then there\’s Richie Slade. The Southern California 6 year veteran from the School of Hard Knocks has never had issues believing in himself, and that\’s not without good reason. In the weeks since Richie Slade’s debut on our program, we’ve already seen him qualify for the illustrious Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood offers a unique opportunity to the competitor who survives the tournament and wins the PP3 Cup: the ability to challenge any United Wrestling Network Champion of their choice. Thinking highly of his chances, Slade has already expressed immense self-assuredness for the tournament results.
\”I\’m at CWFH to wrestle everyone on the roster and get the recognition I deserve from the fans by not just going for one championship…but all of them. At once.\” The cocky \”Hero in Black Leather\” has had his fair share of high profile matches before and has even competed against other members of the tournament in the past. As Richie recalls, \”Me and Andy Brown started training the exact same day, and who do you think won Rookie of the Year?\” As quick as Slade is to pat himself on the back, he’s even faster to call people out.
When asked by who else he would like to challenge, Slade had no qualms naming names, \”Rocky Romero, Tomaste, and Suede [Thompson]. But honestly throw me anyone.\” It seems that Slade and Andy Brown may still have a thing or two to work out, and what better way than to do it in the ring? One thing is for sure; Richie Slade will make his presence known by being a unique challenge for each member of the tournament that he faces.
Title holders in the United Wrestling Network are waiting on the edges of their seats, anxious for the PP3 Cup to begin. In just a few short weeks a new PP3 Cup Bearer will be made and the landscape of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the entire UWN will change forever. Stay tuned!

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