By Weston Browning
\”I have 3 goals at CWFH,” proclaims Suede Thompson, “Win the PP3 Cup, fill it with Suederade, and give a big toast to Percy Pringle III. My man LOVED drinking Suederade!\” The charismatic Dab King from Sin City has been on quite the roll here at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and has carved a spot out for himself throughout the United Wrestling Network. A featured competitor on shows like Championship Wrestling from Arizona in Phoenix, Future Stars of Wrestling in Las Vegas, and Freelance Wrestling in Chicago, Suede Thompson is at the top of his game and the wrestling world is paying attention. Following huge wins over the likes of Big Duke, DJ Hyde, and Peter Avalon in 2017, eyes across the United Wrestling Network are glued to their televisions to see what’s next for the “CEO of Suederade.” These major victories have paved the way for Thompson’s biggest opportunity yet in 2018 – if he can make it happen.
The first stop on Suede Thompson\’s 2018 is the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament. Recently sat down with the self-proclaimed “One Man Show” and asked how he was feeling going into the PP3 Cup Tournament.
\”I am laser-focused on winning the PP3 Cup and starting out 2018 on the TOP. The thought of having my name alongside some of Hollywood\’s greatest wrestlers would be LIT!\” One of the oldest traditions in CWFH, the winner of the prestigious cup is awarded the opportunity to challenge any United title holder of their choice. If things keep going the way that they have for Suede in the New Year, it\’s a fair guess that he will be holding some of that gold soon.
With the PP3 Cup fast approaching, tensions are running high in the United Wrestling Network. No matter the result, “Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler” is sure to make 2018 the Year of Suede. Turn Down For What?

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