With Milestone in the rear view mirror, a new year begins on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. What better way to kick off 2018 than with the opening round of the Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament? This week, you’ll see Suede Thompson going against Richie Slade as well as Andy Brown stepping into the ring with Tomaste. Which two of these colorful competitors will advance to the semi finals?


Scorpio Sky defeated Rocky Romero for the United Wrestling Network Television Championship under questionable circumstances at Milestone. Whether or not you agree with his actions, Sky is dead-set on making sure everyone in the world knows that he is “The Best.” The United Wrestling Network Television Champion Scorpio Sky will be in action on the program this week.


In the Main Event of the episode, we will see a huge rematch from Milestone as the new United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions Reno Scum defend against Pac 3. Pac 3 lost the titles when Coach Flexo decided to bench player Dylan Bostic and enter himself into the match during their last encounter with Reno Scum. Coach Flexo, never willing to take the blame for a loss himself, was quick to invoke their rematch clause to get the chance to have those titles back around the waists of Pac 3. Will their game plan work or will Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend send the Coach back to the locker room empty handed? Tune in to find out on this week’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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