By Weston Browning
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the best-looking wrestler of them all? The \”Mirror Image\” Ricky Mandel would be the first one to tell you he\’s the \”Best Looking Champion in Wrestling History.\” But don\’t let his cocky, arrogant exterior fool you. Where many claim to be one of the best, Ricky has proved it. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood\’s audience has already seen firsthand what Mandel is capable of, and with the addition of the new CW audience he looks primed and ready to takeover the entire United Wrestling Network.
The most seasoned veteran in the Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament was a last minute replacement due to a concussion suffered by Devin Sparks. With an impressive resume, the tournament competitors should approach any match against Mandel with caution. A champion everywhere he\’s gone, Ricky is the only member of the PP3 Cup Tournament to have held the illustrious cup in the past, which he used to win Hollywood Heritage Championship in 2014. recently caught up with Ricky to ask where his goals for the 2018 PP3 Cup lie.
\”The only thing I\’m focused on right now is becoming this year’s PP3 Cup winner and being the only man to hold that prestigious honor twice.\” Intent on bringing the PP3 Cup back to Sexy Beach, Ricky Mandel may just come in at the last minute and snatch the PP3 Cup right out from under everyone\’s noses. Don’t judge this man by his looks. Looks can be deceiving.
The Percy Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament is set to premiere on CWFH this weekend, with a plethora of top tier talents absolutely itching to get their hands on each other and show the entire United Wrestling Network what they\’re capable of. Don\’t miss a moment of action on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as the PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament opening round begins on the program this weekend!

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