Oi! Oi! Oi! The sound of punk rock blasting through the speakers and gravelly chants rumbling from the crowd signal the unmistakable entrance of Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend, better known as Reno Scum. These tattooed titans are the toughest pair of tag team wrestlers this side of Reno, Nevada, and now have the gold to prove it. In December 2017, they defeated Pac 3 in Los Angeles, CA to become the new United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions and have set out to show the rest of the wrestling world just what they are.

Reno Scum means smash mouth wrestling. It’s hard-hitting double teams and concussive combinations.  It’s not pretty and that’s just how they like it. Luster the Legend is a weapon in himself, with a skull as hard as the guitar riffs in his entrance theme. Adam Thornstowe is a lightning-quick striker who’s as athletic as they come. Having recovered from a bicep injury in 2017, Thornstowe is rebuilt man of destruction and now he and Luster have come back to tag team wrestling stronger than ever.

When asked to comment on the tag teams in the United Wrestling Network who are clamoring for a shot at the champs, Adam Thornstowe replied, “Everyone will be silenced by the violence because they’re ain’t no party like a Reno Scum party!” Never short on words for their opposers, the champions suggest that there may not be a team capable of stopping them. “We’re the Reno Scum and we do what we want when we want. And that’s good for us and bad for you!” added Luster the Legend, offering a fair warning to any teams who come calling their names.

Call them what you want, we’ll call them the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions. Every tag team in the United Wrestling Network is on notice: Reno Scum is coming to crack your skull in. Oi!

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