By Tina Albers
Oh my God! Here he is once again. Former United Wrestling Network Television Champion Willie Mack has come home to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. It’s been a minute since Mack has stepped onto the Hollywood stage and several newcomers have jumped ahead in line to take his place. One wrestler in particular has stepped up with moves and charisma that give the juggalo from South Central, Los Angeles a run for his money.
Enter: “Uptown” Andy Brown. Selected to be one of the eight competitors in the 2018 PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament, Brown has turned heads every time he’s stepped through the curtain at the Oceanview Pavilion. Though Mack may not have been in Hollywood in quite some time, he’s been a busy man; traveling internationally to take on the heaviest hitters Planet Earth has to offer. This first time ever matchup will be a success marker for both competitors. Brown has to prove that he’s worth his spot on the roster and Mack must show Matchmaker Nikko Marquez that he hasn’t missed a step in his time away if he ever wants to come back again.
Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion this Sunday, February 11, to witness the return of The Mack!

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