“I’ve worked hard the last three years at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood to get this opportunity,” says PP3 Finalist Suede Thompson in between sets at the gym. “I’ll be damned if I let this slip through my grasp.” After weeks of qualifiers and unrelenting rounds of tournament matches, we have arrived at the finals of the Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament. On February 11th at the CWFH Television Event in Port Hueneme, California, the tournament will come to a close and we will find out who will be the 2018 Cup Bearer. You’d be hard pressed to find two individuals who’ve worked harder to get to this stage than Suede Thompson and Royce Isaacs and they’ve told each other as much.


“This is a matchup with bigger implications than just you and I,” says Isaacs with a message for Thompson. “We are two people with very different beliefs. I hope you’re as strong as your beliefs because I will challenge every one of them.” A challenge from Royce Isaacs is not to be taken lightly. As soon as he qualified for the PP3 Tournament, Royce challenged former Cup Holder Watts to a match to show that he can hit as hard as the man with the power of Hyperoptimism. To get to the Finals, Isaacs put down two notable contenders: fan favorite “Uptown” Andy Brown and previous PP3 Cup Winner and former Hollywood Heritage Champion Ricky Mandel. Royce has what it takes, and Suede Thompson has taken notice.


“Royce is an extremely talented wrestler, but I’m the whole package,” says Thompson, who scored victories over the likes of Big Duke and DJ Hyde before entering the PP3 Tournament to get wins over Richie Slade and Julius Coleman. “I’ve never been more confident in my abilities and plan to showcase that in the PP3 Cup Finals.”

Make sure to join us on Sunday, February 11th at the Oceanview Pavilion to see the Finals of the PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament unfold!

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