After ridding the United Wrestling Network of former World Tag Team Champions Pac 3, Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe have declared that they will defend their titles anywhere in the world. With a television broadcast emanating from Shanghai, China on the horizon, the men collectively known as Reno Scum are soon to make their promise a reality. But before their flight for the Far East takes off, they must first put those titles on the line one more time in Hollywood. But who will step up to challenge the Champs?

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s Minority Owner Nikko Marquez has been scouting tag teams from across the United Wrestling Network to find a duo that will bring the most exciting fight to television. With touches of “old school” brawling in the repertoire of Reno Scum, Nikko’s task to match that skill set struck an idea in his head to push the matchup forward – or Retro Forward. The team that Nikko has signed for the next World Tag Team Title opportunity is none other than The Office’s own Classic Connection.


“Buddy and Levi have been doing a great job representing The Office in their time away from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood,” says a swamped Nikko Marquez. “From what Peter has told me, Classic Connection has been a pillar of contribution on the Championship Wrestling from Arizona roster. Since synergy is a focus of The Office’s re-org, seeing their attention to making other United promotions function shows me that they are deserving of a title opportunity against Reno Scum.”

The matchmaker has spoken and Classic Connection will challenge the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions Reno Scum on February 25th at the Oceanview Pavilion. Don’t miss it!

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