The past eight months since Bad Dude Tito captured the Hollywood Heritage Championship have had its ups and downs for the “Baddest Dude in Professional Wrestling.” Despite successfully defending his title against giants like Watts, Brian Cage, and Jeff Cobb, Tito still has not earned the respect of The Office, specifically CWFH Minority Owner Nikko Marquez. Marquez has determined that if he cannot find a challenger big enough to take the Championship away from his Champion, he will resolve to remove the power that the title gives to Tito.

“The contract that I wrote for the Hollywood Heritage Champion, and signed by Tito himself, states that ‘The Champion must be featured on the program,’” says Nikko Marquez through a sly grin, “But it doesn’t say that the title needs to be on the line.” That technicality has afforded the Minority Owner and Matchmaker to hold up to his contractual obligations without giving Tito the pleasure of calling himself a defending Champion. “The roster has been mostly quiet now, and Tito has been more or less playing ball with us. So I was thinking about our upcoming Television Events and what would look good on the marquee. At that point, a member of our locker room politely reached out and asked for a title opportunity, which I granted.” has learned that on March 11, Bad Dude Tito will put the Hollywood Heritage Championship on the line against Kevin Condron.


After over a year of struggling to find his place on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Kevin Condron is now preparing for the biggest match of his career. Though Kevin catches the ire of the fans more than their adoration, the viewing audience can tell you that despite his antics, Condron has some notable accomplishments in CWFH. Kevin Condron competed in the 2017 Red Carpet Rumble and was a featured entrant in the 2018 PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament. It would be unwise to count him out purely on the contempt he feels from those around him. Kevin has several resources in his arsenal including his crafty Social Media Manager, Thomas, and a vicious Snap DDT that has left several laying in the path behind him. Kevin Condron may be the unlikeliest of challengers for the Hollywood Heritage Championship, but perhaps he is the most fitting.


“I will fight like my life depends on it!” exclaims an impassioned Condron, “…because it does!” Bad Dude Tito vs. Kevin Condron for the Hollywood Heritage Championship takes place Sunday March 11 at the Oceanview Pavilion. Don’t miss it!


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