By JT Ticonderoga
What an incredible episode Championship Wrestling From Hollywood has in store this week! The Aldis Crusdade kicks off in Hollywood, as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis makes his first defense of the “Ten Pounds of Gold.” Aldis requested that his first challenger be a competitor who “is a former World Champion or has beaten a former World Champion.” That paints the picture of a wrestler of impressive stature and commendable mettle. Aldis’ description also accurately describes James Ellsworth, who accepted the challenge for the first defense of the Aldis Crusade. Is Los Angeles just the beginning for Nick Aldis’ worldwide journey or will the “Chinless Wonder” pull off the upset of the century? As Ellsworth says himself, “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance!”
Next up on the program, you’ll see “American Thunder” Dicky Mayer taking on the elusive Vintage Dragon. Mayer has had a lot on his mind lately with the shadow of Bateman always lurking in the back of his head. Could Dicky’s wild thoughts spell victory for Vintage Dragon?
In this week’s Main Event, the climatic conclusion of the Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament unfolds. After months of build up, the tournament has whittled down to the two most promising individuals on the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood roster, Royce Isaacs and Suede Thompson. With a shot at any title defended in the United Wrestling Network on the line, Royce and Suede will give up no ground, lest they give up everything that they’ve worked for in their careers up until this moment. You won’t want to miss a moment of this week’s historic Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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