Even after a weekend full of luck, everyone has the ability to take a misstep or two. If those steps led you away from your television set for the past few days, do not fret. There is a solution to your programming woes better than a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow: brand new episodes of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on the free FITE App!
If you miss an episode of the program on broadcast television, you can catch it online for free using the FITE App. A new episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood becomes available every Sunday and remains online for on-demand viewing going forward. What luck! If you tune into our newest episode, here’s what you will find:
Ty Matthews vs. Dmarco Wilson The First Progenitor of Hyperoptimism goes toe-to-toe with “Rocketboy” himself. This clash of styles will dazzle a spectator of any age.
Royce Isaacs vs. Julius Coleman These 2018 PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament competitors are two of the most athletic members of the CWFH roster. Coming from completely different walks of life, the money man from the “Mile High City” looks to wreak havoc on the street wise role model from San Francisco.
Adrian Quest vs. Fidel Bravo Sometimes good friends make better enemies. Former partners turned opponents Adrian Quest and Fidel Bravo lock horns in the Main Event of this episode. With emotions running high, this one is sure to be a barn burner!
Luck favors the bold, so be bold and download the FITE App on your mobile device today!

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