Having a great cornerman instills confidence into any competitor in the title hunt at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. In the past, we’ve seen several stars step into the ring with muscle in their corner to intimidate opponents and watch their back. YUMA had the members of Vermin, Sasha Darevko had Comrade, and “Professional” Peter Avalon had The Office. Fidel Bravo may have all these men beat with an enforcer standing 6’4”, weighing 320 lbs, and sporting a pink accent to his otherwise black ensemble. But who is this man?
When HollywoodWrestling.com reached out for comment, the titan we’ve learned to call “Pinx” had nothing to share but a chilling leer from behind his aviators. Luckily, we were able to catch up with Pinx’s right hand man, Fidel Bravo, to get some insight into this mammoth.
“The only thing you need to know about Pinx is that he’s the only man I trust by my side,” says Bravo while cockily pulling his hair into a tight bun on the right side of his head, “because he is the only man I know that can get anyone out of my way.”
If one thing is for sure, it’s that any time Fidel Bravo appears on screen, Pinx will be by his side. That’s good news for Bravo and bad news for the roster of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. They won’t be hard to find because with a cornerman like Pinx at ringside, all eyes will be on them.


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