Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is a place for young talents to make a name for themselves on television. Wrestlers like Peter Avalon and Dicky Mayer (to name a few) began showing their bright young faces on the program years ago only to ascend the ranks through their determination, grit, and chutzpah. On April 15, two of CWFH\’s current bright young stars lock horns in an athletic contest that will send a message to the whole roster as Chris Bey steps into the ring against Adrian Quest. But what makes these men the ones to watch?


CWFH newcomer Chris Bey studies under the tree of Scorpio Sky – arguably the most athletic competitor in the United Wrestling Network. Sky\’s athleticism has lead him to victories over the best in the world, evidenced by his fourth (and current) reign as United Television Champion. Sky is also a powerful striker, a tactic that Bey is smart to pick up if he wants to pick off his opponents in a timely fashion. If Scorpio Sky\’s prowess is any indication of his protege\’s skill set, Adrian Quest has his work cut out for him.


Quest on the other hand is no slouch himself. Fans will remember that before being unmasked, Adrian Quest spent the better part of two years wrestling as the luchador Astro Viajero. Wrestling a Lucha Libre style not only makes one quick and athletic, but also instills in its students ways to avoid crucial strikes. As effective as dives and arm drags can be, perhaps Adrian Quest\’s most useful skill against Chris Bey will be knowing how and when to evade attacks. Learned from his time spent training and wrestling in Mexico, Quest\’s evasive agility will both confuse and wear down any opponent he stands across from. If Chris Bey wants to call himself \”The Next Best Thing,\” he better not get frustrated by his opponent\’s strategy, for Adrian Quest shines brightest when his opponent feels in the dark.

You won\’t want to miss a second of action in this one, so make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on April 15 to see it live!

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