Scorpio Sky can be a tough man to pin down. The United Television Champion has made a habit out of finding excuses not to defend his title as of late. Anything from a painful eyebrow threading to just not feeling like showing up to the building have kept Scorpio Sky out of dodge and have inflamed his contenders. The Television Championship is defended at all United Wrestling Network promotions, so when Sky isn\’t even interested in leaving Hollywood, his title contenders are left without the opportunity that they have earned. If Sky won\’t come to them, well, they have resolved to go to him. Oliver Grimsly returns to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood on April 15 in search of Scorpio Sky.
\”I\’ve hurt men worse over smaller things,\” screams a tormented Oliver Grimsly while waving a crowbar, \”Scorpio Sky has what\’s mine and I\’m coming to take it away!\” Grimsly hasn\’t been seen in CWFH since the summer of 2017. He has spent that time away decimating opponents on Championship Wrestling From Arizona with his trusty crowbar, leading to suspensions on more than one occasion. If he isn\’t able to take the Television Title away from Scorpio Sky, there very well may be a team of men in white coats coming to take Oliver away.
Oliver won\’t be the only man in Hollywood on April 15 with a rightful claim to a shot at the United Television Champion. Viewers will note that Ray Rosas has been chomping at the bit for all of 2018 to get the title match that he earned by beating both Watts and Dicky Mayer. Rosas has been made aware of Grimsly\’s presence at the Television Event this Sunday and has personally asked for a match against the \”Circus Freak.\” If he wants to get to Scorpio Sky, Oliver Grimsly will have to square off with Ray Rosas on April 15. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion this Sunday to see it live!

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