The weekend is here and it\’s time to find peace with a brand new episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood! Speaking of peace, the mindful duo of Ryan Taylor and Tomaste are looking to find peace by defeating the team that snuck away with a victory the last time they met: Classic Connection! Buddy Royal and Levi Shapiro step back into the ring intent on stomping out the open-toed technicians and bring yet another victory home for The Office? Who will get their hands raised and jump ahead in the CWFH tag team division?
Howdy Price and his Rancheros return to the program for the first time since unmasking Spirit and the Stars several weeks ago. Where has the giant gentleman been and what does he plan to do next with his masked assassins? Find out this week!
In our Main Event, a long anticipated matchup for the Hollywood Heritage Championship takes place. In what many consider a match that can only happen in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, Kevin Condron challenges Bad Dude Tito for the richest prize in the company. Spectators claim that Condron has been handed everything that Tito had to work for, including a shot at the Hollywood Heritage Championship. Will Condron\’s mettle prove that a kid from the West Side is truly better than a street fighter from Whittier? Bad Dude Tito puts everything on the line in the Main Event of this week\’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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