By Weston Browning
Here at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, one name strikes fear and intimidation into the hearts of competitors from all across the globe. When the bell tolls, that name belongs to the man called Bateman. A man of many monikers, Bateman has spent years cementing his name as one of the deadliest strikers in CWFH history.  With an attack like the Death from Above, it\’s not uncommon to see the \”Main Man\’s\” opponents left unconscious in the ring. Despite his aggressive nature, you\’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would claim that Bateman has ever gone too far. That is until a recent turn of events with Hollywood favorite, Dicky Mayer.
Dicky Mayer has been on a run like no other the last several months from the United Wrestling Network to the world over. In his rookie year, we saw the grappler clad in blue win the PP3 Cup and the United World Tag Team Championships before his mentor Ryan Taylor sent Mayer to the land of the rising sun to further his training. When Mayer returned to CWFH, one thing was certain: He was ready for action and hungry for competition. They say you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Mayer\’s call for competition was answered in the form of the Handsome Devil himself, Bateman.
In recent weeks we\’ve seen several confrontations between the \”King of the Crossroads\” and \”American Thunder.\” No matter what the pairing, the two seem to gravitate towards each other, much to the annoyance of Mr. Bateman. It seems that Dicky has had Bateman\’s number on more than one occasion, scoring multiple quick roll up victories on the man with the mustache. Each loss dug further and further under Bateman\’s skin until finally driving him over the edge as we saw on a recent episode of the program. The usually calculated Bateman snapped, unleashing a hate-filled barrage of forearms onto the unsuspecting Mayer. The heinous, vicious attack on Dicky left him in a broken pile under the stairs.
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Minority Owner Nikko Marquez elected to suspend Bateman for 30 days in light of the unsportsman-like conduct. Dicky has been on rest since suffering head trauma at the hands of the \”Main Man.\” As Bateman prepares to return to Hollywood in the next few weeks, we have to ask ourselves: Was it worth it? How will Dicky respond? What will Nikko Marquez do to keep these men under control?
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