Feeling festive this weekend? Open a cold drink and propose a toast to yet another thing to celebrate: a brand new episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood! On this weekend\’s episode, you\’ll see the First¬† Progenitor of Hyperoptimism Ty Matthews continue his run in the singles ranks. Having left opponents like Rixon and Dmarco Wilson laying flat in past weeks, Matthews looks to deliver a spear to his next opponent in the pursuit of Being Well.


Last week Bateman returned to the program after enduring a 30 day suspension. Since brutalizing \”American Thunder\” Dicky Mayer over one month ago, the \”Main Man\”¬† has been a bit off-kilter. What punishment does Bateman have in store for his unlucky opposer this week?


In our Main Event, we will have a huge 6-Man Tag Team match. Ray Rosas teams up with the Soul Burners (Ryan Taylor and Tomaste) to take on Oliver Grimsly and the Rancheros. Will we see Chris Bey get involved in Ray\’s business again? Does Howdy Price have something special in store for the meditative muchachos or will progress lead Taylor, Tomaste and Ray Rosas to victory over the \”Circus Freak,\” Rogelio, and Raul? To find out you\’ll have to tune into this week\’s Championship Wrestling From Hollywood!

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