It all started at Milestone. In a 4-Way Dance pitting Ryan Taylor, Matt Knicks, Dicky Mayer and Bateman all against one another, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood fans saw the first the seeds of dismay sprout. As each man desperately fought to capture the single fall to victory, it appeared as though the “Main Man” had the contest in the bag. As Bateman reared back to deliver Death From Above to Matt Knicks, Dicky Mayer used the former United Television Champion’s own momentum to pull him backwards into a pin for a three count.
Bateman did not take kindly to his loss at Milestone and immediately asked for a one-on-one match with Mayer in the following weeks. A physical contest between the two men ultimately ended with Bateman with his arm raised. But with each man at one win a piece, they had to break the tie. Bateman and Mayer locked horns once again, with \”American Thunder\” scoring the upset to tip the series in his favor. This was the straw that broke the Devil\’s back, as Bateman unleashed a barrage of strikes on the unknowing Mayer before delivering a crippling blow with the ring steps.
Once Dicky was cleared to compete and Bateman returned from the suspension incurred from the unsportsman-like attack, Mayer wasted no time laying out a challenge to his rival for Coastline Clash. A match type where a quick pin couldn\’t end it. Dicky asked for an \”I Quit\” match with Bateman to see who the real \”Main Man\” is. With such a stipulation in place, it raises the question \”Can Dicky reach the point of giving up?\”
“When I think of this match I think of all my supporters,\” says a reflective Mayer, \”I think of the sacrifices we’ve had to make together for me to even be here. I think of my coaches and trainers and all of my influences. As a result of those, no, I am not capable of quitting.” With Dicky fighting with multitudes of supporters behind him, what lengths will Bateman go to in order to win this match?
“I am going to hurt Dicky…badly,\” says a collected Bateman. \”He should’ve just done what I said and walked away when I kicked the steps into that big head of his. But if he wants to prove that he is a big man and belongs in my ring, he best show up on Sunday. But remember…he asked for this.”
On June 10 at the Oceanview Pavilion, the rivalry between Dicky Mayer and Bateman will be defined by two words. Five Letters. I Quit.

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