On his way to becoming United Television Champion, Ray Rosas stood across the ring from some of the most diverse competitors that the United Wrestling Network has to offer. He has overcome oddities like Oliver Grimsly, battled ultraviolent brutes like DJ Hyde, and gone toe-to-toe with world-class athletes like Scorpio Sky. But there’s one type of wrestler who the Television Champion has yet to conquer; the kind of man you can put a dollar sign on.
“I’ve spent countless hours training to get ready for all challengers and Royce Isaacs is no different,” explains Rosas, catching his breath between sprints. “I will not be outclassed or underprepared. I always step in the ring confident in my ability to win matches and with the support of my fans and the love of my family. That’s exactly what I’ll do this Sunday at the Red Carpet Rumble.”
Royce Isaacs, quick to downplay the hard work of the Champion, has suggested on more than one occasion that Rosas has gotten to where he has on mere luck alone. Isaacs, who has made himself into a major player across the United Wrestling Network in the last year alone, argues that what he has is worth more than luck.
“At the end of the day luck is chaotic, it’s fleeting, and it’s uncontrollable. Money is a great way to feel like you actually have a grip on your life,” says Royce Isaacs, feeling fortunate enough to head into this title opportunity with high expectations for the results. “Lady Luck can be your mistress, but you should always come home to your riches at night. After I beat Ray Rosas at the Red Carpet Rumble on Sunday, I will be coming home to the United Television Championship.”
Royce Isaacs challenges Ray Rosas for the United Television Championship on August 26 at the Oceanview Pavilion as Championship Wrestling from Hollywood presents the Red Carpet Rumble!

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